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Why Join Forex Affair

We'll Turn you into a Winner

We’ll show you the ultimate path to success in Forex, whether you want to trade manually or use our auto-trading solutions. We have invested years of experience in building solid trading strategies and training solutions with the aim of making you a pro trader. We are serious about making money; we build successful traders from scratch. For those who want investment advisory, we also share the best of our knowledge on how you can start building your own portfolio of Forex Trading and grow it into a fortune. Contact us to learn more about how we can start working on your journey today. It’s just the right time to invest in your future!


In today’s fast paced world of technology, it is important to always be ahead. We have amazing Forex trading robots and Expert Advisors that can help you set your trading on auto-pilot. The systems are intelligent to analyse the market and trade for you 24 hours, all round the clock, and you will be able to make money with sharp precision. Unlike manual trading, robots follow each and every instruction to the latter, they are less prone to error and do not have emotions. This means your execution will be 99.9 and you will make money anytime without requiring to spend time analyzing the markets. For students, we give our own, in-house, custom-made scanning tools to help get appropriate trading opportunities easily.

We Trade What we Teach

When you join Forex Affair, you’re sure that everything you get is designed with the best of your interest; the interest of making you a winner. We do not copy paste notes from unverified websites and give to our students. We teach you exactly how we do it, including our proprietary trading strategies; this is a serious game changer training. We develop and continually refine our trading solutions based on our everyday experience in the market. Follow each bit of our training, practice with us, trade with us, learn from us, do it yourself, like a pro!

Money Back Guarantee

We are the only trainers in the region that give you a money back guarantee on your training programs. This is the level of confidence we have in our training programs. We have invested years of experience and research in developing superior training solutions just to ensure that our students get the best that we can offer. We will refund all your training fee if you religiously follow our training and blow your trading account. So, feel confident to register for training because you now know you’re dealing with professionals.

We'll Save your Time

At Forex Affair, we are passionate and enthusiastic about Forex Trading. We trade everyday, and that means we know exactly what it takes to make real money in Forex Trading. We can help shorten your trading journey by helping you to avoid mistakes that prevent over 90% of traders from ever becoming successful traders. If you’re too busy to trade, we help develop auto-traders that will run your trading on auto-pilot and allow you to pursue other goals in life. Isn’t this the freedom you always wanted?

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Fx Affair School

Learn currency trading from the experts. Learn and trade alongside professional traders. We have different packages for both beginner and advanced traders.

Smart Trading Tools

We provide our clients with smart trading tools that will help them master the art of trading faster and make good profits from the currency markets.

High Returns

Earn above market rates by following our sharp investment strategies. With a target of over 10% per quarter, you can plan your future.

Risk Management

Learn from our Pros and avoid making costly mistakes. Risk management is as important as profitable trading.

In Depth Analysis

Our long years of experience have taught us to conduct thorough and in-depth analysis of the markets. We guide clients into high profitability trading setups

Experienced Team

Our team has a combined experience of over 20 years in the currency markets. We are always pleased to grow with you