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Experience High-Return Robot Trading Strategies

  • Don't have time for manual trading?
  • Are you losing too much in manual trading?
  • Are you looking for high return trading strategies?
  • Are you looking for emotion-free, risk-controlled trading systems?

The future of Forex Trading is here, experience unrivaled, intelligent automated trading strategies. At a small cost of only Kshs. 25,000. We will take you through our level 1 basic training and help you set up the system in your trading account. Once the system starts trading, you will only monitor the progress; it’s a 24 hour, round the clock, automated trading program. Scroll down to see how some of our client accounts are performing.

Our clients range from banks, fund managers , to proprietary traders and private retail clients who want to take advantage of sharp algo-trading to make money.

 Check out how some of our client accounts are performing on low to medium risk auto-trading strategies. You can also start earning ASAP by any the methods below.

Join Our Earn as you learn

Make money as you go through the process of becoming a Pro Trader. This is probably a good way of recouping your training fee.  You will need to pay your normal training fee, and only the set-up cost. We will not charge you the Kshs. 25,000 for joining the program; killing two birds with one stone. You will then need to open a live account, and we will help you with set-up of the system. Afterwards, continue leaning to be a Pro trader as you monitor your money growing. Contact us to get started.


Join Robot Trading Program Direct

Start earning without long process of becoming a student. Take advantage of our custom robots. Set the robot in your account, based on your desired risk levels, sit back relax and let your money grow. At a small fee of Kshs. 25,000, you will go through a basic level 1 training, and get guided on how to go about it. Contact us to know minimum account size and how to get started.

Try Our Sharp Strategies

Risk Level

We believe in low risk and above market returns. We help our clients control their risk by recommending risk management levels.


We are not trying to have all the money in the world. Greed is a killer! We target reasonable, but above market returns of up 7% a month, depending on the risk level.

Save Time

Take advantage of our trading robots to start earning without going through long learning processes. We will teach you basics that will enable you to make a decision on risk, plus we will always guide you whenever you need us.  


Our algo-trading solutions are designed to trade with high accuracy, according to the strategy, even in tough market conditions.

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