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  • High-return Forex trading software
  • Unrivaled risk management strategies
  • 24/7 high-speed auto-trader

A Forex Trading Robot is only as good as its developers. We have put in years of research and over 28 years combined experience in developing a powerful Robot


Fx Affair School

Learn currency trading from the experts. Learn and trade alongside professional traders. We have different packages for both beginner and advanced traders.

Smart Trading Tools

We provide our clients with smart trading tools that will help them master the art of trading faster and make good profits from the currency markets.

High Returns

Earn above market rates by following our sharp investment strategies. With a target of over 10% per quarter, you can plan your future.

Risk Management

Learn from our Pros and avoid making costly mistakes. Risk management is as important as profitable trading.

In Depth Analysis

Our long years of experience have taught us to conduct thorough and in-depth analysis of the markets. We guide clients into high profitability trading setups

Experienced Team

Our team has a combined experience of over 20 years in the currency markets. We are always pleased to grow with you

Our Expert Robot Comes with Numerous Features

  • Speedy Market Analysis and order processing
  • Multi-layered risk management strategies to protect your funds.
  • Multiple trade management ability
  • Co-location hosted servers to guarantee high speed in trade execution.
  • Eliminate emotional and psychological bias from trading
  • No experience required
  • Self adjusting mechanism to low and high volatility. Trades in both ranging and trendign markets
  • Free life-time updates
  • Optimized default settings
  • 24/7 watch and market monitor
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